Dödläge-1st ep

Dödläge (dead end in Swedish) come from Portland, Oregon and include members of Worthless Eaters. That's all i know about them since their farcebook hasn't any information.The 1st is obviously is their first demo and their Swedish name is a mark for their love for Sweden's D-beat raw punk: The ep was recorded a few weeks ago and consists of ten tracks of heavy, raw and brutal D-beat crust having its influences in Sweden's scene, actually they remind me the early version of Warvictims (When the Innocent Cry, Krigsoffer and Death is Inevitable era) and hell yeah, when i m in love with Warvictims how can i not like Dödläge?  The guitar has this thick, raw and heavy sound, the drummer bring D-beat beats all the time, the bassist brings distorted bass lines and the vocalist delivers deep low growls. When i first listened 'Persecution Complex' and 'Sexploitation' i was like "hey, this is a Warvictims song, isn't it?". Some songs are very short and last less than a minute, the sound is filthy, raw but decent. As conclusion i can say this is a strong and heavy release, there is no any novelty here, these guys took their influences from Swedish raw punk and brought something close to early Warvictims in sound and feeling. if you are into raw noise then this is for you



Deszcz-Rain Keeps Falling

Deszcz come from Poznan, Poland and Rain keeps falling is their first recording, currently on bandcamp and soon as seven inch ep. I Don't know anything about Deszcz, their mail says "We are from Poznań, playing some dark crust/hardcore or just neocrust music. We are also vegetarians and antifascists, I think that all about us." Being Antifa and Veggy is nice and great and to me, social awareness is always a plus to someone's personality. Rain Keeps Falling was recently uploaded on bandcamp and consists of six tracks of neo crust in the vein of Ictus, Madame Germen, Ekkaia, Alpininist and others. In other words, this is black metal driven crust with screamed vocals, pessimistic lyrics, D-beat driven rhythm section and mournful guitar lines. The songs move in fast and some times even faster pace but pessimism and melacholy win all the time. Its like a desperate and futile escape from inner darkness and nightmares that always return. The first song, The Storm Is Coming is an instrumental with slow beginning, next is Afterlife which is a raging in agony neocrust fast song, No Sense starts with a catchy intro before turn into a fast rager,the same structure of slow beginning and then fast outbreak with some midpaced moments is followed in False Promises and Unwanted while The Grey' first half is in mid beat turns into a frantic hell There are not fillers here, all songs are in the same level. This is for fans of melodic crust/neocrust (Downfall of a Gaia, Inhuman Poison and such bands. This will come out as 7" soon. Download link is provided by the band

there or there


Dispose-Traces of Reality & Anthems of Massacre

This is Dispose from Bratislava, Slovakia, not the Sweden's D-beat freaks but they are equal to the Swedes in the D-beat they deliver: They formed in 2007 by  two members of Beton, one member of Dead Is Sexy and one from International Karate and Lutra. The played in about five live shows and sometime they managed to record the Traces of Reality demo and later the Anthems of Massacre, (actually Anthems.. was the reason to contact the band and ask them some info). Dispose was formed just to play pure old school D-beat and that's what these recordings deliver: Both demos are a homage to Discharge legacy and include songs that could be composed by Discharge in their early days or by Disaster and Dischange in War Cry and Seeing, Feeling, Bleeding sessions. I think this describes the whole shit here, there us not any reinvention of wheel but deep love for D-beat. Traces of Reality consists of ten tracks while Anthems of Massacre brings five songs, both sound equal to me, there is this old school flavor and feeling and decent sound quality. All and all these demos do no miss something that could make them stand lesser to other D-beat bands. Sadly the band didn't put out anything as official release so these recordings remained just demos (some labels should have a listening of these!), apparently  the band faded away and members continued with other projects (Lutra etc)
I discovered Anthems in a Youtube vid and recently i discovered their bandzone page (bandzone is a short of bandcamp/soundcloud for Czech Republic and Slovakian bands) where both demos are available. many thanks to the band for providing information, cheers and best wishes!



Dis-Tank-D-Beat Machine demo tape 2014

Dis-Tank is a new band from England, i don't know anything about them, all i know is one guy is also in The Domestics from Sudbury/Ipswich. Architects of War is their eight song debut tape, limited to only 50 copies and released by Kibou Records. I had no chance to listen the complete tape but three of eight tracks of cassette including one Ramones cover. As you probably suspected, D-Beat Machine is what the title says: Rough and noisy D-beat from the early days of Discharge, typical d-beat drumming fast and steady, guitars and bass full of reverb and distortion, echo-ed shouted vocals, the usual raw noise recipe. I Lost My Mind, originally by Ramones i well covered and sounds like original Dis-Tank song, maybe the best of three songs here. All and all this is a honest effort, no novelties or whatever, just pure noisy D-beat. If the rest songs of tape are in the level of these three tracks then this is a nice debut demo. The fold out cover includes the lyrics, the demo comes with download code. As i said this is the first Dis-Tank release, they also appear in Kibou's 7" comp Without Kibou There Is Nothing (Vol 2), Kibou is a small distro.label from Suffolk area with several releases under their belt, check their farcebook page for more. You can get a copy of D-Beat Machine from them, get it before they sell the 50 copies.

Architects of war
A Life on Trial & I Lost my Mind (Ramones cover)
get a copy here

Sex Dwarf-Demo 2012

Another killer band that i have posted here long time ago and more or less raw noise fans already know them: Sex Dwarf  is a raging noise punk powerhouse from Stockholm, Sweden, they formed a few years ago and this is their demo cassette from 2012, last year they released the Full Av Aska 7" on  D-Takt & Råpunk Records and Konton Crasher and currently they work on their next release, a 12". Per Thunell from Filthy Christians, Protest Bengt and Bruce Banner and others is on vocals duties. The demo was self-released by the band and later in 2012 it was re-released by Distort the World (the branch of D-Takt & Råpunk for tape releases) in 100 copies and A4 folder with lyrics. Music wise it consists of nine tracks of raw noise punk having its roots in Scandinavian (Shitlickers) and Japanese legacy (Confuse etc) with buzzsaw guitars sending endless feedbacks of noise, echoed/reverbed vocals and a bass/drums combination in mid-paced and faster pace. This is a piece of insane and of distorted raw punk, this is for fans of Giftgassattack and such bands. Their next blast, Full Av Aska  is in the same vein, there is a limited version of grey vinyl of it. The upcoming lp will come out in net months in cover artwork made by Sugi, check two track here,co-released by D-Takt & Råpunk and Konton Crasher. Demo tape and Full Av Aska are available for free on bandcamp. No more ranting, listen some erotic noise cabaret punk, score a copy of their 7" and wait for their new lp.

demo tape 2012


Warkrust-st ep 2013

"From the distant lands of southern Brazil, Warkrust is a massive sound raw aggression d-beat crust. Formed from the ruins of bands such as Disträto, Barulho Ensurdecedor and Chaka, the 4 members blend their sonic influences to create a unique, heavy, fast, loud, aggressive sound.  Razor sharp guitars, distorted bass, endless d-beat drum and rough female vocals, Warkrust is 101% D.I.Y. hardcore crust punk band. With a negative and apocalyptic theme, Warkrust not have a positive message for you. Listen at maximum volume."  The s/t ep was recorded in winter of 2013 in  Porto Alegre, Warkrust managed to capture intensity, power and brutality in these five tracks and deliver a piece of loud and brutal crust in the vein of old Extreme Noise Terror and Raw Noise. Brutal vocals, fast drumming, raging guitars, a distorted and vicious version of Discharge in high levels of speed and noise. All songs run in fast pace with only a few moments of slow intros, no fillers here, all songs are in the same level of frantic brutality and exterminty. This is really good. The ep is currently on bandcamp, the band is looking for label to release it as cd or vinyl. Recorded, mixed & mastered in by Sebastian Carsin in Hurricane Studio. Overall i can say this is a great piece of brutal crustcore in the vein of Raw Noise, E.N.T. and such bands, Warkrust appeared in Freedom Punker Vol 17 and Cuap3 comp and they are going to appear in the forthcoming Dis Freedom Struggle Continues Vol 2. I wish to hear new songs by them soon. Check them on stage in this vid.



Absolut-Insane Power Demos tape 2013

Another raw punk rager, Absolut come from Toronto, Canada and they are not unknown to this blog, i have posted their first demo tape here, Absolut include people who were in Rammer, Saigon Distress Signal and other bands of local scene. These punks are really serious noise makers, Insane Power Demos is their second blast, it comes as cassette in a three fold out panel and with minimalistic artwork, it consists of the six songs of first demo tape plus four new songs, recorded durning the summer of 2013, this is not their latest release, they recently released their first lp named Punk Survival, hopefully to be posted here soon.In Insane Power Demos first come the six songs of first demo tape, the four new tracks deliver the same D-beat sonic hell the first demo brings with an endless feedback of raw, primitive and distorted noise, (D-beat) bashing drums, viciously cacophonous vocals, blasting guitar riffs and bass lines and some sick guitar solos, sound wise the noise is in the same level. All these come inspired by Discharge, Anti Cimex and other Scandinavian bands and played the way Disclose, Leprosy, Helpless, Electric Funeral and other bands did and doin'. The tape was released by Sub/Par Records and is also available from band's bandcamp page. All and all, this band rules and along with Aspects of War, Nomad, Koward and some more they deliver the noise at its finest rawness. Have a nice listening of it!

Demo tape '13
Insane power 4 new trax

Procrastinate-Subjugated Herd ep

Procrastinate hail from Greece, they are a five piece crust band, come from Karditsa, a town in central Greece, they formed in 2012 and started playing in gigs in next year, Subjugated Herd is their first cd ep, it came out in March '14 it is released by Clean Head Productions and Angry Owl Records (same labels as Doomed Again release) and it comes as pro-cdr with great artwork made by  Admc07 Artwar, it consists of five songs (incl. one instrumental) and music wise delivers modern crust with some metal elements, they have the sound of Tragedy and From Ashes Rise but without the layers of clean melodies, there are shouted vocals reflecting pessimism and agony, reminiscent the singers of these bands, there are emotional mid-paced passages and slower breaks following or being followed by D-beat driven fast parts, metal edged guitar riffs and heaviness. Sound wise, Γιάννης Mooth from brutal deathsters Drowned in Conservatives is behind the sound engineering of ep, he did excellent  work and added some metal flavor.Overall, this is a honest effort full of anger, power and intensity, wait to hear more about them. This came out a few weeks ago, it is available from the band and Clean Head Prod.s and Angry Owl Rec.s. Download link is provided by the band. Greek crusties, catch them on stage!



Napalm Raid-Corruption of their little minds demo tape 2011

This is something i shoud have posted long time ago, apologies to the bands who wait but from time to time i m gonna post some shit that i like: Napalm Raid need no introduction, its been a long time since Corruption of their Little Minds came out and this post is a kind of announcement of their new 7" titled Storm, be released via Rust and Machine Records in the U.S. and Imminent Destruction Records in Europe. Cover art by Hal Rotter, you can have a first taste of what's coming on with the song titled Drowning, here. The noise was captured again by Mitch Kelly at Triumph Audio in Halifax. European tour to follow in May. check here. Apart from the new ep, they recently appeared in a Discharge tribute comp. for Cvlt Nation covering A Hell On earth, here. Anyway, Corruption... came out as cassette and as seven inch ep by Rust and the Machine and consists of seven tracks of noisy D-beat punk blending Doom and Japanese hardcore with some metallic hints in guitar works. the tape includes the lyrics in an insert. Not any download link of demo here, Terminal Escape posted it some moons ago, here. No need to rant any more shit, the story is known, this demo was followed by a split tape with System Shit, the Trial of the World 7" and Mindless Nation lp. Wait for the new ep in next months, crusties from Europe can catch them on stage for their European tour in next May, do not miss them

Filthy Charity / The Butcher Project-Split 10"

This is a ten inch split with Filthy Charity from France and The Butcher Project . Filthy Charity are some veterans with almost 25 years history, i posted their come back release Return of the Bloody Old Vein back in 2009 when they returned from an almost ten years hiatus. Here they deliver seven tracks of grindcore with crust hints, their side moves in fast pace with some slower breaks, therer are shouted and screamed vocals and an old school nostalgic flavor in the whole thing, the guitar sound, the vocals,everything looks at the past. I like it. I said seven songs because their bandcamp page has seven songs but in Neanderthal Productions, the label behind this split (along with Enthropy and Abatos) has five tracks for their side.  The Butcher Project bring five tracks and they move in hardcore pathways with melodic and also rough vocals with a slight street punk and Oi! feeling with the sing along parts and the whoaaaaahhh choruses that pop up here and there. My ears got used the this melodic stuff much more easlily thani expected. Imagine Negative Approach or Defiance and you got these guys. All and all this is not something classic of something that can change the history of grind or streetpunk/ Oi! orientated hardcore but definitely has some good elemets to add. Co-released by Neanderthal Productions,Enthropy and Abatos.

Filthy Charity side
the complete 10" in Neanderthal Prods bandcamp


Nightmare Visions-Demo 2014

Nightmare Visions is a D-beat duet from Corona, California, United States, two kids with a drum set and a guitar making raw D-beat noise: Not any info on the web about them and not much things in their farcebook page. The demo was recorded in 2014, in February or so and don't know if there are any physcical copies of it. The demo consists of five songs including the Massacred Millions cover, originally by Varukers. Sound wise this is raw, rough and primitive but isn't this the way raw punk should sould like? the guitar/drums combination is nice with beat changes and aggressive riffs and the lack of bass is almost unnoticed. Vocals are angry shouts. For the moment this is only available in Youtube, i don't know if there are any physical copies, actually i don't know if they continue as band after this demo. No matter what happens this is a nice little shit of aggressive and wrathful D-beat raw punk, give it a listening.



BEDA-Let The World Crumbles To Ashes & Happy Nation

BEDA is one man raw punk army from Belarus who's also behind the Evil Punk Records distro/label/zine: "After a total collapse and disintegration of some of my previous punk bands in 2008/2009 years, some time I have just doing my little underground diy distro / label / zine ... In autumn of the 2010th I helped with recording to my friend, and during this I decided to try recording something myself for interest, I took some unused material from my previous bands, and used artificial drums ... All of this resulted in the first record of BEDA, "Machine of pain and tears" ... Then, more aware, I have recorded the next material titled "Keep on dreaming ... The world is already dead ...". Also took part in some punk compilations ... After some unsuccessful searching of musicians ready to play loud, raw d-beat/crust and something like this, in autumn 2011th I record raw mini-album "Happy Nation" ... In future, I intend to continue operate with "BEDA", whether as a One man band, or all the same Beda reincarnated into a full command..." Happy Nation and Let The World Crumbles To Ashes are both available on bandcamp, Happy Nation was recorded in 2012 in a DIY studio and delivers five tracks of raging raw punk full of distortion, the sound is rough and filthy and vomits disgust and shit. Let The World Crumbles To Ashes is in the same vein of filthy and rotten sound with five pieces of raw noise, it came out as tape (Vomit, No Name) and as cdr (Evil Punk Rec.s). BEDA has band site, farcebook and ReverbNation, check them

Happy Nation
Let The World Crumbles To Ashes


Sevices-Demo tape 2014

The mail i received had no any information about this band, all i know is they are from Lille, France and this demo was released by Give Us A Chance Records in 150 copies in 2014. The cassette consists of six tracks and lasts nearly nine minutes and delivers frantic and chaotic hardcore with angry shouted vocals, this is fast as hell and sometimes it gets faster and faster while some slower breaks give it a powerviolence-sic flavor. The singer shouts his lungs out in French language, sound quality is decent This is full of intensity and chaotic furry, for fans of raging fastcore and powerviolence. Give Us A Chance Rec.s is a small label with a shitload of tape releases with harcore, punk and powerviolence bands such as Syndrome 81, No Solution, Anxiety Attack, Wrong Decision, Doctrine and many others, in limited number of copies varying from 50 to 150 copies, there are about 22 releases, most of them are sold out. (check label's page for more infos, therer is free download link for all releases),

there and there


Paranoid - Hardcore Addict demo 7"

Here is something i wanted to post since ages but either because of lack of time or because of  having a shitload of demos send by the bands i didn't post it so far: This is a killer debut demo and a masterpiece shit of noise coming from Sweden, Paranoid was formed by people who were/are in Warvictims, Electric Funeral, Brottskod 11, Desperat and Thrashers. In Hardcore Addict recording which took place in summer '12, the line up was Emil, Jocke, Åke, Nils and Johan, the demo came out with minimalistic black n white raw punk styled artwork made by Pancho from Infernoh and in only 150 copies by Distort the Word, a D-takt & Rapunk sub tape label. Rawmantic Disaster and Phobia Rec.s re-released it in 2013 as seven inch ep, 500 copies pressed (first press: 300 on black and a repress of 200 pieces in red transparent vinyl) both pressings are sold out as well the tape version. Music wise, Hardcore Addict is a blast of raw, frantic and distoted D-beat full of power, wrath and instensity with endless feedback of noise and angry shouted vocals. There are six tracks that last nearly ten minutes. Total top class fuckin ace release, there is no any detail to make you complain about, everything is perfect in this chaotic hell. Mixed and mastered by Mutherman at Muthärvan and layout by Jocke D-takt. Hardcore Addict is available for your listening pleasure on bandcamp by Phobia Records, check this youtube vid with release infos and the lyrics as well (read the lyrics here). Paranoid's next release will be a 7" on Konton Crasher, have a first listening here, (yeah, cars with tape-players fuckin rule!!!)


Skänka - Demo tape 2011

 I know its been ages since i promised to post this but its better late than never: Skänka were a short lived Raw D-beat band from Atlanta, United States and was formed by people involved with In Ruins and Disable.This demo is their only recorded material before call it a day, it was recorded in 2010 and released in 2011 and '12 on tape format, in 2013 it  came out as seven inch vinyl by Rawmantic Disaster Records and Aktiver Ausstand Records (300 copies in black vinyl and 200 in blue). The tape was released in 2012 by Black Konflik Records from Malaysia, a label that is expertized in raw d-beat noise bands (D-Clone, Exithippies, System Fucker etc)  there was also a 100 copy release by I. R. Records, (In Ruins own label?) from 2011.   it consists of seven tracks and seven minutes of noisy and distorted raw dis punk, taking the legacy of Discharge and delivering a sonic beast similar to Disclose, Disable, Zyanose and Framtid,  in case you want a physical copy, this is still availble from Rawmantic Disaster (a few copies left) and some other labels (Static, Imminent and probably other distros/labels). Rawmantic Disaster need no introduction, D-beat and Raw Punk fans already know the great work Toda has done with some killer releases by Diswar, Peacebastard, Warvictims, Diskonto, Paranoid etc etc. Aktiver Ausstand Records has released the Discover lp as well the Frihet / Honnör SS split. No need for more ranting, go get some raw noise. No download link here but a youtube vid upoloaded by Scott who was also in the other Skänka related bands. enjoy it!



Tape or Die-Demo # 1

Now here 's something remarkable and worth to check out: Tape or Die hail from France, they are a new band, formed by some people who are active since '90's. Nowadays they got families but they keep the flag high, Tape or Die was formed three years ago but family matters keep them busy so they could practice only once per month but they finally managed to record eleven songs for their first demo which comes as casstte as is released by Automne Records. Music wise the cassette delivers fast hardcore punk with frantic drum rhythms. As expected, D-beat is here, there are raging screamed vocals, the whole demo runs in fast pace, sometimes faster and sometimes slower and steady, the last song Joyfull Crusaders starts with a slow and almost black metal intro before it turns into a hardcore hell. The recording has this old school feeling and sound, considering the difficulties and responsibilities of having a family, the result of recording is waaaayyy better than expected. The demo was recorded with a 20 years old 4 track tape recorder. All and all this is a nice piece of fast hardcore, you can contact Automne Records for a copy but the most important is the fact that these people keep the spirit alive and continue their love and devotion for punk and hardcore no matter how many years passed by or what other things they have to deal in their lives. Congruts and best wishes for more recordings in the future!



Fear of the Future-Lets ge high before its too late

"Fear of the Future was formed in May 2012 with the proposal to play a punk sound. Influenced by diverse aesthetics, like the rawness of the The Vikings Are Coming LP, the melody of the swedish group Puke, punk rock energy, hardcore aggression and even bands of rock/metal like Judas Priest and Motorhead. The lline-up has Bruno Bonga (vocals, also on Helvetin Viemärit and Kroni), Fred Bahia (guitar and vocals), Felipe Leprose (bass and vocals, also on Stench of Death Terminal Filth and Skarnio) and Marcelo Burchauser (drums, also on Unfit Scum). The demo CD  Lets ge high before its too late was released in early 2013, with five songs. The first official release of the band came out in December of the same year, the Split 7" w/ Distürbia Cladis. Maybe a LP will be released soon." Well, with so many connections with other bands this can not be bad. Honestly, i was expecting something close to Doom since they are named after a Doom song and that feeling was increased since the demo starts with some war sirens warning for an upcoming air raid but things are more mixed here: There is the typical d-beat crust but also some Motorhead influences, melodic solos here and there that fit nicely and some slight hints of metal in guitar riffs but the band stays always in hardcore/punk territories with its direct approach in rawness, noise and the D-beat driven force. The demo is available on bandcamp along with the lyrics. Enjoi it.