Motron-demo 2013

Motron is a 4-piece band based in Varese (Northern Italy), born in early 2012, featuring member of Kontatto, Campus Sterminii, Miseria, Pioggia Nera and Green River Killer, music wise they bring a blasting mix of raw crust, d-beat and rock'n roll riffing in order to blow your ears and mind away.Their demo was recorded back in 2013 and consists of nine songs of Motorcharged punk having its roots in early Motorhead days and delivers tunes in the vein of Inepsy, Whipestriker, Time Killer, Viondark, Speedwolf and the likes and with rough vocals. Really cool demo with excellent sound quality. This is the only release of Morton, in January 2015 they recorded new nongs and are soon to be released. You will find the demo in bandcamp and there is also a dnld link provided by the band, including the demo plus artwork and lyrics (thank you guys!), to be honest i m not big follower of this subgenre but i stuck with this demo and really enjoyed. best wishes for more recordings!

there or here


SardanapalmDeath-Κονομικός Κύκλος lp

Οι "SardanapalmDeath" είναι ένα μουσικό εγχείρημα που δημιουργήθηκε στα πλαίσια της ανάγκης τριών ανθρωπων που θελησαν να εκφραστουν και να εκφράσουν τις ιδέες τους. Δρουν μακριά από μαγαζιά, δισκογραφικές εταιρίες, κόμματα, μ.μ.ε. και συμμετέχουν σε αυτοοργανωμένες συναυλίες και εκδηλώσεις με πολιτικοκοινωνικό χαρακτήρα ενάντια στο κράτος και στις παρενέργειες του, εκφράζοντας παράλληλα την αλληλεγγύη και την στήριξη τους σε καταλήψεις και αυτοοργανομένους χώρους. Οι "Σαρδανάπαλοι" είμαστε οι Νάσος φωνή, Γιώργος κιθάρα, Τσόσμη μπάσο και Αποστόλης τύμπανα. Το '09 κυκλοφόρησαμε ένα demo cd με δώδεκα κομμάτια, ηχογραφημένο από πολυκάναλη πρόβα στο "Προκάτ35". Τον Αύγουστο του '13 ηχογράφησαμε δέκα κομμάτια στο αυτοοργανωμένο εγχείρημα "Zero Point Studio" στην Πάτρα και τα κυκλοφόρησαμε ένα χρόνο μετά σε cd και βινύλιο με τίτλο "Κονομικός Kύκλος". Ο δίσκος βγήκε σε τριακόσια αντίτυπα, σε συνεργασία με τα distro-label "Screaming Victims", "Sabrota Diy", "We Don't Fight It", "Music We Create", το Γαλλικό "Ravachol Productions", το Αυστριακό "ThC Αnd DiY Records" και το Τσέχικο "Rauha Turva", ενώ το cd από τη "Flowers In Concrete Productions"

dnld link



Bakounine from Bretagne, France, is familiar to this blog since i have posted almost all of their releases, (check here) here we got four tracks of their noisy, distorted and raw D-beat, not different to their previous works. These songs will appear in an upcoming six band benefit compilation lp supporting prisoners. Nice! i knew these guys are politically aware, the photo is not the cover of this comp.



VA-Rampage for Animal rights

Rampage for Animal rights is a totally DIY compilation with main purpose to awaken our minds and consciousness about the human's cruelty on animals in it several aspects (animal testing in laboratories, animal abuse, hunting, etc). The comp. delivers 31 bands covering genres such as raw punk, crust,grindcore, mincecore, hardcore and D-beat and even blackened crust and consists of some well known names: Warvictims, Disorder, Agathocles, Electric Funeral, Crutches, Coaccion etc, all and all this is a great comp.of brutal noise, the whole work was done by Spyros from Slaktgrav and Doomed Again and will come out as cdr



Doomed Again-Decay tape 2015

First post of the year is a D-beat blast: Decay is the third release by Doomed Again from Thessaloniki, Greece, i have posted their Democracy R.I.P. cd and split 7 with Παροξυσμός so there is no need for introduction, Decay comes as cassette and consists of seven tracks of pure D-beat worship of '80's, the previous releases were a blending of D-beat with hints of metal in guitar sound and Napalm Death's Barney sound-alike vocals but here they dive back into the 80's and deliver pure D-beat.The last song has this thrashy riff and faster drum pace, is this a sign of what  we should expect in the future? Decay will come out in February by Clean Head Productions in only 50 copies and is already available in bandcamp



Pogromo-st 7''

Pogromo come from Cali, Colombia and this is their 7" ep. Music wise they deliver frantic hardcore crust, fast and heavy, this balances between crust and hardcore while some neocrust hints pop up in the last song, La Verdadera Insurrección. The vinyl delivers five tracks and the package includes lyrics sheet in Spanish and with translation in English and German and black/white comic booklet in 7" size.
This was released by Bomb-All Records, Cimetiere des Innocents, Disordera Records and Subsistencia Crust Distro



Widspeaker-Revenge of The Hunted E​.​P.

Wildspeaker come from TX, United States and Revenge of The Hunted is their first recorded material, the band is committed to diy ethic and spirit and self- recorded, mixed, mastered their songs and provide it free of charge. Music wise this heavy doom/sludge with thick guitars with metal and hardcore hints, screamed vocals and slow drum pace, this is free in bandcamp



Life Possession-Miliony Let 7"

The new material of a crust punk raw d-beats Life Possession from the Czech Republic inspired by scandinavian and english school of the 80´s with cover songs from Kaaos and Totalitär. With distorted, dirty, a bit of noise sound in an accompaniment to two guitars with lyrics celebrating an extinction of the world. After a long time again on vinyl like 7" EP format. This recording is the last release, behind the existence of this band. The Single is out on Aback distro, records have two-color splatter vinyl, in the convertible, partially colored cover in an edition of 525 pieces. The cover design was performed by Ben - Portfolio.


Disanthropic-demo 2013

Disanthropic (great name!) is two humans out of Sacramento, CA. One female drummer and one male guitar player. They have been playing with many different bands of the area for over 15 years. As they say Disanthropic is a way to release all t haheirtred and keep the black flames burning. Heavily influenced by Skarp, Darkthrone, Disfear, Botanist, Bathory and Detestation.  Look like they called it a day because there is no any new recording since last year when they mailed me and asked me to post their work. Anyway there are two songs by them on soundcloud, enoy it!

Welcome the darkness
Fire taster


Desteufels-Live demo 2014

Desteufels hail from  Germany they are a brutal crust three man band and here is their first demo, recorded in autumn 2014. The demo has excellent sound and music wise they deliver death metal orientated brutal crust simillar to Korades and Accion Mutante, actually the bass player/vocalist was in Korades. You have to expect heavy, distorted and thick guitar, heavy bass lines, hard hitting D-beat drums with some moments of blast beats and brutal vocals. I like this shit. The demo is available in bandcamp and these tracks will appear in an upcoming release


Na-Die-Crias del consumismo

Na-Die is one man band from Chile and Crias del consumismo is the first release, the guy behind ths project has as main influences Discharge, Doom,Agathocles, Misa Histerica, Los Crudos, Desobediencia Civil , Anti Cimex and Kaaos so its very obvious what to expect here: Raw and distorted D-beat, shouted vocals in Spanish dealing with the usual topics and its unbelievable that there are 30 songs here (yes, 30) including several covers (Doom, Napalm Death, Misa Histerica etc) and i say unbelievable because its one man band and all work has been done by this guy, this is enough to say congruts! Sound quality is raw and primitive. Download link is provided by the band and the file includes arwork and lyrics. i don't need to say anything, best wishes for more releases!


Bestias-st 2014

Bestias come from Tijuana, Mexico, they are a metal/crust punk/hardcore band, they formed in 2012 and one year later they recorded a Tupperware demo,  In their words  "we sounds like: What Madball would sound like if they knew how to play their instruments. Seven tracks metal-crust-punk-hardcore-superfun”. This is metal edged hardcore, rough and wrathful with thick guitar sound and angry vocals, if you want an extreme version of Madball then this is it


Theist-st tape 2014

Theist come from Bandug, Indonesia, they formed in 2011 and include members of Crust Collapse, Rabies, Billfold and Restrain. The s/t cassette was released by Sonic Funeral Records and delivers over 17 minutes of heavy, emotional and mournful neo-crust (i don't like the term but the band uses it), blending crust and D-beat with metal guitar work, sludge and Doom metal heaviness, beat tempo changes from fast blasts to midpaced passages and emotional slow parts and desperately screaming vocals, mixing Tragedy, Amebix, Alpinst, Mastodon and even the doom of Candlemass. The sound quality is decent. If you are into heavy emotional neo-crust check it, this is available in bandcamp and its the best band in melodic crust/neo-crust, call it whatever you want, i have heard coming from this territory of world since Abysmal Fornikate's demo.


Wolf King-Mouthbreather demo 2014

Wolf King come from Bay Area,Ca. United States, they are a -piece heavy fringe hardcore style band, greatly influenced by band such as Converge, The Number Twelve Looks Like You etc. Mouthbreather came out in 2014 and consists of three tracks of blackened hardcore bleding Full of Hell and Converge with Circle Takes the Square and bring a piece of emotional hardcore, harsh and rough, full of wrath and anger and sometimes groovy, this is avialable in bandcamp and didn't came out in any physcial format


Boddicker-Crime Upheaval (2014, selfreleased)

Boddicker strike again and this time with Crime Upheaval, i posted their previous works, here and there. Crime Upheaval continues with the same recipe of blending hardcore and crust with powerviolence but this time the powerviolenc-y elements are less and more crust with the D-beat force behind it, there are even (Swedish) death metal outbreaks and even sludge-y slower parts. Sound good? yeah it is. The sound quality is better than the  previous releases. This is available in bandcamp  for free.


Habitos De Rabia-demo 2013

Some pure D-beat noise here: Habitos De Rabia come from Chile, thy formed in 2011 as duet (the drummer is in a band named Hatecharged)band this demo is an absolutely diy effort, it was recorded in 2013, it came out in 66 copies and was distributed by the band and local distros. Having as main infuences bands such as Disclose, Besthoven and Aus Rotten, they recorded eight songs including Doom's Slave to Convention cover. So, the usual and expected stuff is here: D-beat drumming, three chord riffs, shouted vocals and political lyrics, The sound quality is raw and primitive. I didn't see any site around, dnld link is provided by the band.




VidaGuerilla is one man project from Spain,Gaspar the guy who's behind this was in several bands and this is his latest project after a couple other efforts (Product0, Muerte al Mundo). VidaGuerilla is haed to define in what genre belongs, there are  doom, drone, punk of all sorts, some kraut, some psychedelia, some black metal elements all the time while as main influences are Motorhead, Darkthrone, first era Nirvana and Eskorbuto (spanish 80's punk icons), apart from this, there is an overporduction of releases uploaded in bandcamp. give it a listening in you like the genres melting pot