Timekiller come from Brazil and Stagnant is their third release after Bleed Out (posted here) and their split with Deaf Kids. The band was formed by people who were in bands such as Deaf Kids, Drone Throne, Prosthetics and Speed Kills and include also a US guy who's currently living in Brazil. "We play a very fuzzed-out and distorted style of hardcore which draws influenced from oldschool speed metal as well as from japanese and scandanavian hardcore". Stagnant consists of six songs of distorted crust and noise punk with echoed vocals, a style familiar to raw punk bands, There are a few hinTs of Motorhead influences but not in the level of previous releases. Not bad at all. This is available in bandcamp along with all Timekiller releases



Kriminal-Demo 2016

"Kriminal is a new Berlin based D-Beat/HC-Punk Band(not really any Crust in here but i think it somehow fits on you Page) with ex and current members of Nocturnal Scum, Instinct of Survival, Countdown to Armageddon, Guided Cradle, Endrophobia,....). Musik is best described as fast HC-Punk influenced by Swedish HC (Totalitär/Anti Cimex)as well as State of Fear and Consume and with occasional RocknRoll Riffs thrown in here and there."
This was the mail i received from Lasesie and more or less describes this demo: Six tracks and ten minutes of filthy D-beat driven punk with crust hints incorporating the hardcore parts of Totalitär and early Anti Cimex with the power and crustcore rage of Consume and State of Fear. This is something different from these guys considerng their past in stenchcore and crust bands. Available in bandcamp.



Instinto-Dimonis lp

Instinto strike again with their second release titled Dimonis after their st lp from 2012(posted here), as you know Instinto include people who are/were involved in bands such as Totälickers, Afganistan Yeye’s, Infäme, Disundead,  Hijxs Taradxs and others. Dimonis comes out as vinyl on a co-operation of labels (Grita o Muere Rec.s, Hysterical Rec.s, Svoboda Rec.s, Guerilla Vinyl, Pandora Rec.s ) and as cassette on Bloodsoaked Records, The record comes with great artwork and consists of eight songs of crust punk incorporating Tragedy and From Ashes Rise with Wolfbrigade there is a high level of quality in everything, from guitar work and melodic lines to rhythm section and from the shouted vocals to the sound quality of recording. There is a metal feeling in guitar and adds some more heaviness, the melodies are emotional, there are some mid paced metallic parts giving air and breath. There is no any weak moment here, not filler songs, the band delivers the crust goods in every song, some times the whole thing reminds me of the old local heroes Etacarinae. All and all this is a great record with nothing to complain about. if you are into the aforementioned bands then walk in, if you are not then walk in too cause this is raging melodic crustat its finest. The band offers the record in bandcamp and staying true to the diy ethics provides a download link for the listener in case the limit of 200 free downloads per month is reached. There is also a youtube vid provided by the band too.



Victim of Fire-Become ash

Victim of Fire is one of those bands who are so fucking good and when you start listening them you stop when the last song ends, thats happened to me. Hailing from Denver Colorado, they started as studio project of Austin M who plays all instruments and sings in some songs while two other guys sing in the rest tracks, so this could be considered as one man band. Music wise they might fool you because of the cover artwork but their noise has nothing to do with Oi!, US hardcore or any other shit: They deliver powerful D-beat crust having its roots in the legacy of early Disfear, and a lees melodic version of Wolfbrigade, Tragedy and such bands: Become Ash consists of ten songs of fast paced D-beat crust with shouted roygh vocals in the genre's tradition, the three vocalists make the whole thing more interesting, some melodic lines pop up here and there but are rough enough so the result doesn't sound cheesy and is far to call it metallic crust or neo-crust or whatever, this is pure crust with scandi hardcore influences.All and all this is very good cosnidering the fact that there is one man behind all instruments, Austin also tracked, mixed, mastered the songs. This is currently available in bandcamp, there's also a youtube vid.



Wärfear-st demo tape

Wärfear hail from Malaysia and they are are another great band i recently discovered after Braincell and Krigssystemet, There is no any site around, nor farcebook page, the only thing i know is that members are/were in Antiprotokol, Melarat, Kerenaneko, Osmantikos and Grin(d)amage. (thanx Altar Aksara!), anyway the band first unleashed three songs from their demo in bandcamp and recently they uploaded the fourth song (guys please upload the fifth track, please!) The five songs were recorded in April 2016, the demo will come out as cassette but no infos about how many copies, what label(s) there is (are) behind etc, And we reach to the crucial point: the music.Braincell and their Doom worship was a nice surprise to me some months ago, now Wärfear and their Wolfpack worship deliver some great crust tunes and deliver the goods too. Blasting riffs with metallic feeling, rough shouting vocals, pummeling bass and the usual D-beat. The sound is decent, the whole shit reminiscent of Wolfpack, Wolfbrigade and Tragedy: Powerful crust with melodic lines that make it interesting with out becoming cheesy and shitty. As conclusion: This is a hell of crust and a great debute demo tape. The cassette consists of five songs and just came out, in case you want a copy, there is a contact address in bandcamp, in the meantime you can listen the demo in bandcamp, enjoy it.



Bömbärdeo/Total Silence-War is a black hole to mankind split cd

War is a black hole to mankind is a split cd with two bands well known to the frequenters of this blog since works of both bands are posted here. Bömbärdeo from Chile and Total Silence from Brazil team up and bring six songs (three tracks for each band) of pure D-beat. Bömbärdeo contribute two own songs and one Disclose cover and once again they deliver the goods: Their old school D-beat is just fine, noisy and full of anger and wrath, this is simillar to their recording for the split with D.H.K. the cover of Smell of rotten corpse is excellent and stands equal to the original. Total Silence and Guile bring the D-beat he developed in War Graves and so good in Mass Death And Sorrow, great effort and simillar to Besthöven's noize. Guile's tour in Chile with the addition of two members on bass and drums (as we know Total Silence is one man band) was the reason for this split cd, these songs are going to appear in a split 7" with Brafcharge from South Africa. All and all this is a honest and nice effort from some guys who love D-beat, there is a download link provided by the bands (thanx Asti!), check also the bandcamp pages, the cd was released by Eskaramuza distro, No War Rec, Backpack Recs and Spiral DIYscos

bandcamp Bömbärdeo
bandcamp Total Silence
War is a black hole to mankind


Die Already-Bill Cosby demo

Die Aready is a four piece crust punk band with members from California and Arizona and involved in bands such as Enewetak, Tho Ko Losi, Tafkata, Suicide Nation, and Landmine Marathon. Bill Cosby is their demo, a 14 min cassette containing ten songs. Comes in sealed black 5x5 envelopes, black cassettes in sealed black envelopes, Includes insert and stickers. only 100 copies were available and sold out while a second press in on the works, in the meantime you can stream it in bandcmp. Music wise this is raging crust punk with a hardcore hint and the usual D-beat and screamed vocals. Wait for the second round of cassettes to come out.



Toxicology-Discredit The Badge & Paid By the Kill demos

i know Toxicology since they unleashed the three track Shellshock from Birth demo back in 2013, they come from Fairlawn, New Jersey and their first recording was a grind/crust blast with rough vocals, all out political lyrics, D-beat drumming and shreading guitar riffs, in ther next recordings Discredit The Badge (2016) & Paid By the Kill (2015), the band moved into more brutal and grinding pathways and transformed into a grindcore band influenced by Excruciating Terror, Infest, Napalm Death, Repulsion, Siege, Nasum, Rotten Sound Disrupt,etc D-beat parts stilll exist but the whole thing is wayyyy more brutal, there are four tracks in each of the last demos incl, a re-recording of Inherited manslaughter which first appeared in Shellshock from Birth, All and all this stuff is brutal and atrocious, no need to say anything else. All demos are available in bandcamp.

Toxicology bandcamp

Disaxis-Life ep

Disaxis is one of the few bands who have myspace page during 2016, instead farcebook or ReverbNation or blog or whatever. Oh come one man! get rid off this impractical crappy shit! (ok ok there is a tumbrl page, here) The band is one man project from St Thomas, Ontario, Canada and this is the debute recording, released in autumn of 2015. Life consists of seven tracks of D-beat with sick black metal-ish vocals and the simplicity of music reminiscent of greek D-beaters Doomed Again with the addition of a few crust parts in guitar riffs here and there. The prons of Life are the guitar riffs, the decent sound and some nice lyrics, the cons are the lack of variety in singing and drum beat since all songs walk in simillar pace but what the hell, repetitiveness is the main accusation against such bands so just ignore the cons.. Anyway this is good effort and hope to hear more from that guy, Life is available in bandcmp along with the lyrics.



Disacusia-Tripalium ep

Disacusia come from João Pessoa- PB, Brazil and Tripalium is their debute ep, recently uploaded in bandcamp. As usual i know nothing about the band since their mail was "Hello! We are Disacusia band of the city of João Pessoa- PB, Brazil !  We launched our first official material", music wise they deliver Crust D-beat with metallic flavor, i know this sounds generic but thats what they deliver, sometimes they remind of their Brazilian crusties Barrikaadi from Bello Horizonte with a slightly more brutal apporach to music because of the grindcore hints that pop up sometimes. The ep is available in bandcamp, check them in farcebook, twitter, soundcloud and instargram..
 And a little trivia:Tripalium is an instrument of torture involving three stakes


Cloaca/Recidive-split tape/7"

Here's a split with Cloaca from Canada and Recidive from France: Cloaca hail from Montréal and this is their first release after their demo from 2015, posted here, Here they contribute three tracks and a  furious and raging hardcore attack, in the vein of USHC bands such as Cut the Shit, Tear it Up, the Bastard cover is well done. Recidive come from Metz,they offer four songs and deliver simillar to Cloaca noise, hyperfast hardcore full of intensity and wrath, Official artwork is still in the making, the split will be released in France on vinyl and in Canada on cassette, you can stream the songs in bandcamp. The bands will tour together in Europe to celebrate this split

Cloaca side
Recidive side


Polis ​Äckel-World wide death culture

Polis ​Äckel come from Italy and Worldwide death culture is their debute cassette released by Imminent Destruction Records, I don;t know anything about this band, according to an interview in Maximum Rock n Roll, they are located in Marche region near Ancona and Ascoli, they started in late 2014, their name means "disgust the police" and the good news is they are going to record new songs for a 7" on Imminent Destruction. You can read the interview here.
Music wise, World wide death culture brings D-beat raw punk influenced by Disclose and simillar to bands such as Sex Dwarf, Electric Funeral, Paranoid, Life Chain, Disease, Aspects of War, Silent Order, Nomad, Komplott, etc etc etc Noisy and chaotic raw punk full of reverb, distortion to maximum, with echoed vocals and all out political lyrics. According to the band, "First pressing sold fast so here's the 2nd (and final) pressing, limited to 100 hand numbered copies on pro-made yellow cassettes with lyric inlay card". You can get a copy from Imminet Destruction before run out



Bömbärdeo/D.H.K.-La Vida Es Un Infierno! split cd

La Vida Es Un Infierno! is a split cd with two bands from South America:Bömbärdeo from Chile and D.H.K. from Peru contribute five songs each and both deliver a sonic hell of D-beat raw punk. Bömbärdeo hail from Santiago, they started in 2013, i posted their debute D-Beat Purista Punk back in 2014, in 2015 they released En vivo Salas de Independecia (live in Argentina in December '14) this split is their third release. D.H.K. (Destruye, Huye, Krea) come from Lima, Peru, they are active since 2011 and they are one of the top bands of this country with several releases under their belt (check here )while a split w Maquina Muerta is planned for the 2016, La Vida Es Un Infierno! is a DIY effort, released by the bands and delivers 21 minutes of noisy and raw D-beat. Both bands deliver simillar noise and fit nicely in the split: Raw, primitive, distorted and chaotic noise punk with political lyrics (in Spanish). There's no need to rant more about it. If you are in to D-beat/raw punk then you know what's goin' on here. There is a youtube vid and a dnld link provided by the bands. La Vida Es Un Infierno! came out as cdr pro and its going to come out as a cassette too, contact the bands for  copy.

dnld link


Voice of Crows/Hadak Ura-split tape

Voice of Crows and Hadak Ura come both from Ohio, United States and here they team up for a split release that will come out as cassette. Both bands are unknow to me, Voice of Crows (not any site around) come from Central/South-East Ohio, they deliver five tracks of D-beat driven crust with metallic and mournful guitar feeling, simillar to neo-crust/melodic crust bands, fast and sometimes extremelly fast, with deep low shouted vocals, the pace gets slower to tracks such as Cost of Love and Love Illussions with these slow intros before the rest of song take off while the ending track Turn To The Clouds is a slow emotional crust anthem,
Hadak Ura come from Columbus, they contribute four songs, blending hardcore with black metal and grindcore. their noise is rough, dark and ear tormenting with doomy heaviness, the songs pace vary from fast to slow and emotional (Planned Obsolescence has this slow emotional part that kicks ass) while the vocals come from the black metal territory. Both bands songs are uploaded in bandcamp, the tape is going to come out soon

Voice of Crows
Hadak Ura

Atomkrig-st 7"

Atomkrig come from Lisbon, Portugal and include people who were/(are?) in mighty Sustëem Kooma, who's Another Victim, Another War was a great piece of or D-beat punk, a pure early Warvictims worship and one of my favorite releases of the last year, Atomkrig continue the same tradition of D-beat and recorded siz tracks in May/August 2015 for a 7" that will be released by Crucificados Pelo Sistema in May/June. Music wise Atomkrig deliver rough D-beat crust but without the deep and clear Warvictims inspiration. This is full of power and anger typical three chord D-beat with decent for the genre sound quality. As i said many time in the past in simillar cases, there is no any novelty nor reinvention of genre here but pure and solid D-beat as we known it. Thats it. Members of band are/were also in bands such as F.D.P.D.C., Reltih, Barba de Sapo, A Tree of Signs, Disthrone, Scum Liquor and Extreme Unction. This is courently available in bandcamp.



Ψύχωση-st lp

This is the absolut Amebix worship from a crust band coming from Greece: "Ψύχωση (Psychosis) were formed in 1993 and played excellent crust punk following the footsteps of 'Chaotic End' and 'Forgotten Prophecy'. Numerous live sets in Villa Amalias and almost every self-organized place of the era. They participated in the compilation "Disturbing Domestic Peace" while they released a demo in 1994 (Η Ταφή της Οργής (Burial of Wrath) demo tape, listen it here). During the years 1996 and 1997, eight tracks were recorded for their first album aiming to release it on vinyl but unfortunately never happened. In 1998 they played their last live set and dissolved afterwards. Thanks to the cooperation and persistence of Scarecrow Records and Nikos from Labyrinth Of Thoughts, after 18 years this long lost gem will be released on vinyl in September 2015. With new mastering and 4 page insert with lyrics and posters of the bands live sets." Limited to 350 copies and more than 35 (!) minutes total running time. You can get the record from Labyrinth of Thoughts and Scarecrow, you can also stream it in bandcamp

No Sanctuary-Demo 2016

"We're No Sanctuary and we formed in 2014 with the idea of playing some blend between Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost and Amebix (hence our name) adding in the way some vibes from Rudimentary Peni and Killing Joke. The result is some kind of weird crust or something like that, one we're trying to improve with our new songs.Some months ago we self-released our first record where it can be seen to some extent this blend I'm talking about and which includes 7 songs: four fast songs, two slower (one of them is our particular homage to Nick Blinko) and a Killing Joke's Wardance cover."
These guys come from Pablona, Spain. The demo delivers nearly 24 minutes of metallic crust blending Amebix with the other afforementioned bands (Rudimentary Peni and Killing Joke) and with a sick feeling coming from the metal territory, a Celtic Frost-ian flavor painting the crust metal and adding a sinister feeling (check Outside the Circle). This is dark and gloomy, evil and psychotic especially in tracks such as Wytchtanyc Hellbykers and Marcha fúnebre para Nick Blinko/Réquiem oriental/Falo rudimentario but despite the metal elements the band stays in crust pathways and territories. This is available in bandcamp